Nurse Owned & Operated. Servicing Southwest Missouri: Springfield, Joplin, Nevada, Branson and Surrounding Areas.

Rachal Payne, RN

For over 25 years Rachal has been an advocate of people’s rights to live free from harm and to feel safe when being cared for. She has had a passion to provide one-on-one care in the comfort of patient’s homes now for decades. Over her career she has served in various roles as a Hospice Case Manager Home Health Case Manager and Catastrophic Case Manager. Rachal is a Trach/Vent Nurse and has provided this service, including infusion and injection for In Home patients. In addition she has provided instruction and education for staff in the nursing process. Currently, she works to continue her work in the community to serve individuals with respect and compassion.

Gaile Reichert, CNA/CMT

I have worked for In Home Solutions since its very beginning. For 35 years, I’ve worked in health care as a CNA, CMT and enjoy working for those who are elderly and disabled. As Regional Manager of Springfield and Branson, I am responsible for the operations of the area. It is a privilege to use my experience to oversee care, and ensure every client has a positive experience.

Miranda Birdsong, LPN

Miranda is an experienced Licensed Practical Nurse who has worked in health care for going on 20 years. She is the Authorization Specialist and the Employee Health and Safety Director of In Home Solutions. Miranda’s experience and dedication to mentoring and helping others has helped to ensure that In Home Solutions’ clients and their families receive comprehensive care and support.

Lacy Gamble

As Operations Manager my goal is to always make improvements. The focus is to ensure that all of our staff and aides work together to make our clients experience the very best. Like many at In Home Solutions, I have worked as a caregiver. I am compassionate and dedicated to providing exemplary service to every client.

Madison Ard

I have been involved with the Health Care field for 6 years now. From Life Skills Trainer, House Manager, PCA, Team Lead and now Administrative Assistant. I've always enjoyed interacting and brining smiles to everyone I come in contact with. This is not only my job. I enjoy every moment, from going out into the field to assist clients with daily needs or just talking to them on the phone and assisting them that way. This is what I live for and would could not imagine doing anything else.